In 2016, Sport Literate released A Proficiency in Billiards, a collection of a dozen of my travel memoirs and award-winning non-fiction. 

The following is a list of publishing credits, i.e. stories, essays, articles, and memoirs that have appeared in books, journals, and magazines over the years. “The Train to Harare,” on post-colonial African independence, has been published in numerous books, journals, and awards lists.  

The Soul of a Great Traveler (2017, Solas Travel Writing Grand Prize Winners)

The Library Book (2017, Centenary Volume)

A Proficiency in Billiards (2016, Pint-Size Publications or here)

Best Travel Writing, Vol 11 (2016, anthology) (2016, travel memoirs)

Evening Street Review (2016, war-time commentary)

Negative Capability (2016, short fiction)

Sport Literate (2016, sports/travel memoir)

Tales to Go (2015, near-death travel memoir)

Solo Novo (2015, literary criticism: poetry)

Solo Novo (2013, politics/travel memoir)

Askew (2011, poetry)

NewBorder (2011, poetry)

The Roar (2011, sports journalism)

Seven Paths to Poverty (2010)

The Packinghouse Review, (2010, fiction, excerpt from Beachtown Blues)

The Santa Barbara Independent (2010, political/sports journalism)

New Millennium Writings (2009, poetry, travel memoir)

upstreet (2007, travel memoir)

City Works (2007, short story)

SeaSpray Magazine (1997, sports journalism)

Voices of Survival (Capra Press, 1986)**

* Capital-markets expert Gary Byrne, PhD, and I co-wrote and self-published Seven Paths to Poverty in 2010, a financial management tool for young adults.

** This anti-nuclear weapons essay appeared in Voices of Survival alongside those of Carl Sagan, Indira Gandhi, Pope John Paul, and the Dalai Lama on that topic.