Publications list:

Short Nonfiction

“A Long Road Home” – Sport Literate, Hot Summer 2022, (for sale on Amazon); *
In the Lair of the Red Dragon” – Sport Literate, June 2023, Game, 25th year Anthology; *
Fear Is Where You Find It” – Sport Literate, Fall 2023, Vol. 15, #2; *
The Train to Harare” – The Kalahari Review, October 2023;
The Lessons of Drnc” – Travelers Tales, March 2024; *
Travelers Tales, March 2024 – “In The Lair Of The Red Dragon”– Gold, 18th Annual Solas Awards; *
Rogerio and Me” – The Argyle, Literary Magazine, March 2024;
That Certain Time” – Smoky Blue Literary, March 2024;
Titanic By Innertube” – Sport Literate, Spring 2024, Vol. 16, #1; * (Interview)
Chasing Buffalo” – The Kalahari Review, June 2024;
Terra Incognita Of the Mind” – Lowestoft Chronicle, September 2024;
The Verdict” – The Independent;
Finding Our Center” – Murder Is Everywhere, date TBA;
“Rogerio and Me” – The Blue-Collar Review;
“Encountering Madness” – Travelers Tales; *
“A Good Bit of Track” – Travelers Tales; *
“Hearing Double” – Cowboy Jamboree;
“Borneo – Outside the Envelope” – Travelers Tales;
“Rogerio and Me” – Whatever Keeps the Lights on;
“Under Siege” – Under the Sun;
“The Mechanics of Showing” – Writing Ireland;
Travel images – Better Than Starbucks;
“Bouncing off the Bottom” – The RavensPerch; 
The Soul of a Great Traveler, 2017, anthology; *
The Best Travel Writing, Volume 11, 2016, anthology; *
“How Writing Failure Leads to Writing Discipline” – Writing Ireland;
“The Checkerboard War” – Evening Street Review; 
Review of Kofi Awoonor’s The Promise of Hope for Solo Novo; 
“The Train to Harare” – New Millennium Writings, Solo Novo, Travelers Tales; *
“No Polish Jokes” – Travelers Tales; *
“The Getaway Man” – upstreet, Travelers Tales; *
“The Physics of Regret” – Travelers Tales; *
“In the Lair of the Red Dragon” – Sport Literate; *
Review of the film Invictus, for the Santa Barbara Independent; 

Short Fiction

Sins of the Father” – Eerie River Publishing’s anthology Swords, due June/July 2024; *
Hearing Double” – Cowboy Jamboree’s Prine Primed, March 2024; *
“In The Eye of the Ox” – The Bookends Review;
“Heritage” – Lunnate; Angry Old Man Magazine; *
“A Ringside Seat” – Close to the Bone;
“Courage and Choice” – Dreamers; 
“Yellowtail Blues” – Fly-Tying Journal; *
“Border Feud” – Retreats from Oblivion; 
“A View in the Moonlight” – Mystery Tribune; 
“The Center of Attention” – Negative Capability Press; 
“Snooker’s” – The Packinghouse Review; 


“Mexican Bones” – Coastal Shelf; New Borders;
“My Sweater” – Winning Writers;
“Cowpoke Issues” – Spank the Carp; 
“Tribute to Theodore” – Spank the Carp; 

* These items have won an award or been included in an anthology