Hey guys,
I found this on a so-called “news” website (AOMID) staffed by “able writers who are all experts in their fields.” The profile of one reads as follows–
“John Smith [name changed to protect the incompetent] is both an experienced journalist who enjoys reading, writing, hiking and volunteer work.” Really? He’s both of those things?
Good thing somebody’s minding the (journalistic) store.

On the same site, which seems to be aimed at our lovable, ardent, and right-wing uber-Constitutionalists, I found this incisive report by Newton Austin (name changed – sort of – to protect the groveler) , one of  “John Smith’s” colleagues (another “experienced journalist,” I’m sure), on John Boehner, the new Speaker, who was approaching his date with Congressional destiny:

They’ll all be led by Ohio’s John Boehner, who’s to be sworn in as House speaker shortly after noon. Hard work and tough decisions will be required of the 112th Congress,” he said (sans opening quotation marks, of course, part of the “experienced journalist’s” polish). “No longer can we [blah blah blah] their instructions. Boehner will begin Thursday by reading (to Congress) the Constitution’s preamble: “We the People of the United States . . .”

Let’s hope he gets it right this time, because what the AOMID “journalists” fail to report is that Boehner’s last public reading of what he thought was the [ahem] Preamble began like this:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident . . “, and on he blythely went, quoting not the Constitution, which is apparently so near and dear to his heart, such a vital part of his patrio-nationalistic make-up, but the Declaration of Independence, which predated Connie by a fair few years. Good to know our Speaker is such a sharp guy. (His dork major-domo, Michael Steel, remarked in defense: “Both texts are vital to the liberty beloved by every American.” Oh, good one, Michael. You are such a clever boy!)

I nearly evacuated my bowels laughing at these goons — Steel, Boehner, and his “journalist” toadies.

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