Great Endorsement for “A Proficiency in Billiards”

From Michael Konik, author, media genius: Like legions of other itinerant seekers, Lance Mason has backpacked and motorcyled the world, crossed the oceans on freighter ships, seen how the rest of the planet lives. He’s got tales to tell. All traveler’s do; among the peripatetic horde, Mason is among the most gifted writers we’ve encountered. His collection of travel essays, “A Proficiency in Billiards: Reflections on a Well-Traveled Life,

The Mechanics of Showing

This essay was inspired by, and is based on, a discussion with the novelist and teacher Lee Martin at the Vermont College of Fine Art’s 2016 Postgraduate Writers Conference, directed by Ellen Lesser. # Show, don’t tell is one of the great dictums of the writer’s art and the editor’s science, aimed at extruding an end-product that breathes and throbs on the page or screen.  At the basic level, though, in the creative process, the vivid pictures that

The Advance of the Clowns

Hey guys, I found this on a so-called "news" website (AOMID) staffed by "able writers who are all experts in their fields." The profile of one reads as follows-- "John Smith [name changed to protect the incompetent] is both an experienced journalist who enjoys reading, writing, hiking and volunteer work." Really? He's both of those things? Good thing somebody's minding the (journalistic) store. On the same site, which seems to be aimed at our lovable...

God and the Future

Gary (Byrne, my co-author for SEVEN PATHS) and I are speaking to a screenwriters' group tomorrow night.  We will probably talk mainly about money, because that's what they said they wanted us to talk about, but I think I'll talk some about neurology, stress, and brain function.  I had a good conversation last night with a new acquaintance about these topics, and she sent me a related vid link today from a man named de Bono. De Bono's gig is that the tra...

The Second Coming

It's probably still The Initial Coming, as my first blog foray came to naught.  I got tied up with self-publishing and then launching SEVEN PATHS TO POVERTY with my co-author  Gary Byrne, learning more about the Expresso Machine, a UCLA teaching assignment, stumbling through some investments, falling off my bike, getting back on my bike, going to Spain, failing to fix the leak in my car's windshield washer tank, worrying about my tomatoes, harvesting my Ja...